Sunday, 3 January 2010

Machin News January 2010

Nothing really to report I'm afraid, we must have spoiled you with all the news last month.

Saying that one bit of news comes to mind

There was some confusion last month when Royal Mail released an image of the second Olympics booklet with D1 cylinder numbers. It has however been confirmed despite the cylinder numbers showing 'D', later publicity and a comment from the trade indicates that the printer is definitely Walsall.

Still it was an interesting debate and a interesting picture at the time.

Did you manage to get one?

RMSD Covers were only sent to UK addresses. The the last day of sale of the Horizon Gold Machin Head labels, from PO branch at Camden High Street, London, NW1 was on the 11th September 2009. So how many collectors actually managed to get one?

It was reported that " No other branches will sell the label or that any further extension will occur for the time being. Any further developments may utilise a different label to that used at Camden."

If anyone still requires a cover (either 1st day or last day of issue) your best bet is to contact Brian Sinnott who is a specialist in this type of material. Brian's Email address is

I do not know for certain if he still has them available and if so, do not know his prices. It may be possible that he still has some for sale. If you did miss out email him to find out.

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