Monday, 11 January 2010

April 2010, Price Rises

Royal Mail have announced that from April 2010, the price of a first class stamp will increase from 39p to 41p (up 5.1%). Second class will increase from 30p to 32p. For businesses sending meter and account mail, prices remain the same at 36p and 25p respectively.

The news for those sending out goods through the post is worse. 1st class Large letter prices will increase from 61p to 66p for up to 100g (up 8.2%).

Packets will start at £1.39 for up to 100g, an increase of 11p (up 8.6%). Second class Large letters will increase by4p from 47p to 51p. Recorded (signed for) will go down a penny from 75p to 74p.

Source BBC website

It is not known how many new Machin values will appear, speculation only at this time but we may see a return of the 19p and 25p, and two new stamps 67p and 97p values.

The Royal Mails literature (2010 price guide) does indicate new values of 60p (sheet 100) , 67p (sheet 100), 88p (sheet 100), and 97p (sheet 100. It is possible these my refer to Country definitives. I will let you know whats what when more news arrives.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard that there will be another new defintive stamp for 2010 , that of £1.46p value.

How true is this?