Sunday, 14 February 2010

Recapping On Recent Errors

As the title suggests, this is not really news but a recap on earlier posts.

Yesterday I was reading a report on The Stamp Magazine web site about the new font used on the Classic Covers Machin pane (admittedly this report was a month or so old) but it got me to thinking. If this was an error why reproduce the same error (the 54p)on the Machin pane in the following Prestige booklet?

Quote: Stamp Magazine " The wrong typeface was used for the numerals on the 5p and 54p definitives in January's Classic Album Covers prestige stamp book, due to a production error.

Only the numerals 4 and 5 are obviously affected. The 4 has an open rather than a closed shape, and the 5 more fluid angles than normal. The 10p, 20p, 22p and 62p stamps in the book appear to have the correct typeface, although a minuscule difference is suspected"

The report continues:

" An investigation will be underway into how the mistake happened, and why it was not picked up on proofs of the panes."

If this is true, It has now been confirmed that the 54p has also been printed in error on a second Machin pane with this this new typeface. Perhaps the The Royal Society Prestige Booklet to be issued 25 Feb 2010 was printed at the same time??? Worthy of a thought.

Just in case we did not mention it The Classic Albums Prestige book also marked the first appearance of the 5p, 10p, 20p, 54p and 62p printed in lithography.

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