Thursday, 11 March 2010

2010 Exhibition Machin Miniature Sheet

Here is the first image of the Machin miniature sheet, produced for the 2110 London Festival of Stamps Exhibition.

The cover is showing HM Queen Elizabeth II trooping the colour. The sheet consists of 11 Machins and a London 2010 label. This is the majority of the current (sheet) non self adhesives that will be on sale on the day of issue ( May 8th). This particular product will be produced by BFDC.

A nice mini sheet I think, my opinion though, a shame about the post marks they spoil it a little. I bet Ian will do better.

The covers will be £20.00 a pop (again) a bit on the expensive side for my taste, even though they (the covers) are limited to 50 numbered copies. The actual sheets (mint) retail at face value £5.05p if you purchase them via Royal Mail.

As a final thought, I am also pleased I no longer collect se-tenant pairs A total of 17 (vertical and horizontal pairs) on this sheet. I wont bother doing the math of how much it will cost, or how many sheets you will need to obtain them all.


Ian Rose said...

I didn't really understand the reference to £20. Are they really charging that? I did a bit of quick adding up in my head (so probably wrong!) of the face values and it seemed to come in at a bit more than £5. There are only 14 stamps and 5 of those are 10p or less. £20 would sound very steep.

I also didn't understand the reference to 50 numbered sheets???
50 per customer? They will presumably sell a lot more than 50 in total -- even at £20.

Btw, you would need 4 sheets for all 17 se-tenant pairs.

Machin Man said...

Ian, I was refering to the number of covers produced by Bradbury (BFDC)as limited to 50. Obviously RM will sell at lot more of these (millions) :-)

I have altered the text on the post slightly to make it more understandable.

Yes 4 sheets at £5.05p = £20.20p (not bad really)fo 17 pairs

Thanks for your input


Ian Rose said...

Sorry ... I mean 11 stamps not 14. Spot the loony.

Ian - Norvic said...

As the postmark uses the show logo it is probably the most relevant for this sheet. I knew it wouldn't be one that Brad had sponsored as he rarely does now!

There will be others, but this may be the best - there's nothing in the latest news from RM about the FDC for this, only the two KGV miniature sheets.