Friday, 19 March 2010

The Bookmark Journal

In my last post I mentioned an organisation entitled The Modern British Philatelic Circle( MBPC). The CIRCLE was inaugurated on 1st January 2006 and came about as a result of a merger of two former philatelic associations, The Great Britain Decimal Stamp Book Study circle (GB DSB SC) and The British Decimal Stamp Study Circle (BDSSC)

GB DSB SC was founded in 1971 and, since then, has been concerned with the study, reporting and cataloguing of decimal stamp books. Its reputation is such that its cataloguing nomenclatures are now widely accepted as the standard worldwide.

BDSSC was founded in 1975 and dealt primarily with the collating and reporting of information on the decimal stamp sheet issues.

I will not go into detail of what this excellent club can do (does) for its members, this can be obtained from their web site. But I will say as a member it is the best value for money one can get from any philatelic organisation today.

Once you are a member, you can purchase any of the circle publications which are available on compact discs. As paid up member you also receive a hard copy of their latest Bi monthly publication. (Bookmark.) You also receive the latest hard copy of the Deegam Report.

Listed below is a short list together with the price of products:

The Bookmark Catalogue of British Decimal Postage Stamp Books (7th edition) £25.00

The Bookmark plating charts £9.50

The Bookmark Journal Volumes (1 ) 1971 - 1972 to Volume 38 - 2008 -09.

The cost of obtaining the Journals depends on the number of volumes purchased at any one time supplied on the same CD. these are as follows.

5 or fewer volumes £2.50p each
6 -10 volumes £2.25 each
11 -15 volumes £2.00 each
16 - 20 volumes £1.75p each
21 - 25 volumes £1.50p each
25 or more volumes £1.25 each

All volumes are fully search-able (except vol 1) using Adobe reader, commencing with vol 37 Number 2 all journals are in colour. CDs are postage free to any address worldwide.

Copies of the Bookmark Catalogue of Self Adhesive Stamp Books, both the original published in September 2005 and the supplement published in 2009 are still available. Please contact Keith Woodward for details and costs.

14 Chedington Avenue, Mapperley, Nottingham, NG3 5SG e-mail

The Circle maintains low rates of membership subscription. The present annual subscription rates are: UK: £8.00; Rest of the world: airmail £12.00; Rest of the world: surface mail £8.00.

Details of recent issues and 'finds' are posted to the website as soon as possible after issue. Catalogue details are confirmed in the next issue of 'The Bookmark' Journal.

New members, whether beginners or experts, are always welcome and all receive the full benefits of membership. Interested individuals should write to the Honorary Membership Secretary, Mr Tony Wilkins. His address is:

3 Buttermere Close, BRIERLEY HILL, West Midlands, DY5 3SD e-mail:

Enquirers will receive an information pack, full details of membership and a sample copy of 'The Bookmark' Journal. The Circle year runs from July to June and those joining part way through the year receive all relevant publications for that year.

If you are still unsure log on to their web site for more in depth information.

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GBStamps said...

I totally agree with everything Roy says about the MBPC. And one thing he didn't mention - frequent auctions with a wide variety of well-described material. They are great for filling gaps in your collection.

The subscription rate of £12 per year for overseas airmail is indeed a bargain.