Monday, 19 April 2010

Decimal Wildings

Adrian, who occasionally writes a few lines on this blog has updated his own blog with some interesting information and a request.
The stamps from the decimal Wilding miniature sheet and the Prestige booklet panes issued in September 2008 hold many differences for the specialist. Adrian spells out these differences in plain language, I found his piece very interesting.

I actually collect these stamps and tend to agree with Adrian they are a very nice addition to a wilding collection.

Adrian's request:

If you can help, he is looking for two of the non-stamp panes (interleaves) from the Prestige booklet, and he would love to swap them for anything you like.

Visit Adrian's blog, read his write up and see the images here.

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Ian - Norvic said...

As Adrian pointed out the stamps in the MS have a cream background while those in the PSB have a white background. That makes them different.

But if you compare the stamps on the 9-stamp pane with the country panes there are also differences. Just look at the NI 3d for starters - many of these are different to the naked eye, no need for a glass. I haven't checked any catalogues to find out if they are identified as singles in any of them.