Sunday, 4 April 2010

Welsh - Gold Machin Horizon Label?

I had to double check the date before I posted this report as I thought it may have been an April fools joke.

This months Stamp Magazine, have announced that it was De La Rue who printed the Gold Machinpostage labels, these were previously trialed atCamden Town. OK this is news but what really got my attention was It has now been widely reported that these labels "will shortly return to use at Post Office Counters", but will be restricted to Post Offices in Wales."

It is suggested that "the overprint that will appear on the labels will be bilingual, giving rise to new variants.

A further complication is that some Branches in Wales produce a ‘Englishoverprint. Additionally, unlike the Camden trial, their use will not be restricted toSpecial Deliverymail and all classes of mail that currently receives a Postage Label will be eligible for a newgoldlabel."

The date of release for the labels will be possibly (First Day of Issue) 13th April but no official First Day facilities will be offered by Royal Mail.

"The distribution will be phased in, meaning that branches will receive labels on different dates – there is no instruction to use them over the existing white labels so they will appear randomly"

For a full report visit Postage Labels of the UK

In my last report I mentioned an uncut press sheet and suggested it would retail above face and cost collectors an arm and a leg. This was true.

According to the latest rumors the Press Sheet (face value £28.20) with 20 of the Miniature sheets, showing the 1st class Machin George V Double Head and a £1 brown showing both Downey and Mackennal George V heads will retail above face @ £31.00.

My shopping bag JUST GOT BIGGER!

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Ian - Norvic said...

The very first uncut press sheet (Victoria X) was sold at twice face value, so I don't think anyone can complain about the small premium that is applied to more recent ones!

Incidentally there is also an uncut press sheet for the 8 May MS - at £27.90 only 10% over face.