Sunday, 25 April 2010

1st Class Machin Mugs or What?

When we started this blog I informed you that we would be writing about everything that was (or is) Machin related. To date pubs, ceramics, car registration plates, airplane engines and train spotting have crept into posts on this diverse subject, even Spanish chickens have found the way in. What ever will be next?

What about Machin note books or even a Machin mug? No not us "mugs" who tend to buy everything stamp wise that Royal Mail Mail throw at us. It is another type of mug I am refering to. Read on!

These days It is not just Royal Mail who are hungry for your hard earned cash, everyone seems to think collectors have a never ending supply of readies and they are attempting to jump on the band wagon.

I can hear them saying If these collectors are stupid enough to buy bits of coloured paper, why not jump on it?

The next time you have to write notes on or about your Machin collection, or send a wants list to your local dealer, why not do it in style by adding the entries into your very own Machin note book? No joke ! Available at £4.00 + P&P

At the same time you can relax with a first class cuppa from your very own 1st class Machin mug.

At £8.99 + £2.99 postage and packing you would have to be a Machin mug to buy one.

However, if you really can not do without and seriously do want one they are obtainable from a website dealing in greetings cards with a stamp collecting and Machin theme. They have now extended their range to include both of the above.

The greetings cards are for sale at £2.00 each and include several Machin designs on the covers, which can be sent to your 1st class class friends, 1st class mother, 1st class father, and brother or sister.

A novel idea, but before I get tempted I am off to search the web again for a first class Machin toilet to flush my money down.

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GBStamps said...

Thanks for posting this, Roy. Their shipping charges to the US are rather outrageous (even more than Tallents House's charge for large items, if you can believe it), but in response to my inquiry, they said they hope to have a US distribution point later this year.

The colors of the Machins look reasonably accurate...except that 1p blue! Granted, there's no dark blue Machin available right now, but surely they could have asked around a bit!

Meanwhile, I'm sure I'll find these in London during the show.