Sunday, 23 May 2010

2 Types of Europe and Worldwide 20gr Stamps

With so much going on and so many new issues this year I am not sure if this has been reported already.

The associated presentation pack (Pack No 86) which accompanied the issue for new rate stamps in April included the new 20gr Europe and Worldwide stamps and also the 'Recorded Signed For' stamps.

It has just come to my attention that the Europe and Worldwide stamps are unprinted on the back of the carrier paper, indicating (like previous issues of this type) they were specially produced for presentation packs.
More news
We still have not had any reports of phosphor shifts from the 2010 Machin Exhibition sheets, but Ian Billings has found some sheets with what is described as a printing flaw. "Two different ring flaws have been found on the 1p stamp"

They look to be caused by a foreign object which has been deposited on the printing plate, perhaps a bit of grit?

Glenn Morgan recently posed a question in reply to a previous post.

Question - "how is the self-adhesive PSB pane going to be peeled off and affixed by Royal Mail machinery to the covers that it is selling? Will there be ties to hold each stamp to its matrix? And will there be a different version in the PSB to those used on the covers."

Ian has also answered this question to a degree, you can see this post here

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