Friday, 14 May 2010

London 2010 Inset Bands

I have still yet to hear of any reports of short or inset bands from the 2010 Exhibition Machin miniature sheet, however we do have a couple of inset bands from other sources.

Kevin Baldry has sent me pics (shown top left) of stamps from the self adhesive pane with inset bands right (DG I2)

This is the pane from the Prestige Stamp Book (8th May) Pane 4 self-adhesive printed by Walsall Security Printers . We showed this pane in an earlier post. It contains 2 x 2nd class, 4 x 1st class, and 2 x 50p definitives with security features and the code MAIO / MPIL

A second report (left) also from Kevin shows stamps from the London Label Advertising booklet 6 x 1st code MAIO / MSIL with inst band left (DG I1).
These will be added to the short list published earlier and will no doubt be listed in specialist catalogues in the near future as:

1st 2 bar , code MAIO / MPIL (DG I2)
50p 2 bar, code MAIO / MPIL (DG I2)
1st 2 bar , code MAIO / MSIL (DG I1)
Many thanks Kevin for taking out the time to scan them and send them to me for publication.


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know how Kevin made the pictures of the panes showing the bands very clearly.

Kevin said...

Hi, the pictures are made by using a high end microscope, a Prinz desktop L/W UV lamp and the Prinz side light from the S/W hand held UV lamp.


Kevin said...

I forgot to add the microscope has a photographic capability which enables the pictures to be taken.