Monday, 14 June 2010

GB Machins Makes It To Number 1

The GB Machins web site (Machins Made Easy) has been awarded number 1 position on the top 50 stamps sites league.

Even though the site is nothing special as Machin sites go, (I can think of at least 5 others that would knock spots off it), I would like to say thanks to everyone who (takes) took out time to vote for it on Top 50.

The GB Machins website is not updated often these days as it is affiliated to this site and most of the news which should be incorporated into it gets posted here. I have in fact taken off the Prestige booklet information there and the alternative GB section for the time being. These will eventually be re- incorporated into the Online shop which I am attempting to build from scratch.

As mentioned above I am adding to the site in bits and drabs and I am trying to get to grips with publishing the shop there, lack of time and certain niggles with the pay pal system are making this a long job. I have to publish each section as I progress to check the Pay Pal links work, some are still faulty and proving to be pain the neck, but I intend to persevere.

Please bear with me regarding the shop departments, several more are planned for the future, the ones that are linked may not work correctly at this time, so even if you do not or wish to purchase anything the information loaded to date may come in handy as a reference for collectors, as I say this is a big job and my time is short these days, so do not hold your breath for to long, just pop back now and again to check on the progress.

Now that GB Machins has reached top spot, I know its not a big deal in reality but to try to keep it there as number 1 please click on the Machins Made Easy link in the header above and add your vote each time you visit this site.

Again MANY THANKS to everyone.


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