Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Machin Mould

Yes, I have been on my short travels again, searching the most visited Machin sites for new information. I have not found anything new to report except this account from Zoe Van Well in which she displays an actual picture of the Machin Mould.

Every time I cast my eyes on this masterpiece It makes me want to own one of the casts. Unfortunately I did not have any spare cash tucked away under the stairs when a couple of them were put up for sale recently.

Zoe van Well is an Archives Assistant and has recently blogged about the Machin Mould (amongst other topics) for the BPMA.

She does not need to inform us on this blog as we are (most of us) already Machin Nutters. I quote her just the same as I am adding a picture of the mould which is held as one of the Treasures of the Archives.

"The Machin Head, for example, is a mould sculpted and cast by Arnold Machin and was used to create the definitive stamp still in use today."

Welcome Zoe to the wonderful world of Machins may you never look back. You can Read Zoe,s full account of her Machin encounter and her visit to the archives here.

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