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Monday 28 June 2010

Missing A in Flowers Booklet

Just in case you do not read the comments left on site, here is a bit of information you may be interested in, discovered only yesterday by Robert.

21 May 2009 for the National Association of Flower Arrangers (NAFAS).

"I discovered quite by chance yesterday that the gold stamps in this last booklet can be distinguished from those in the other five because of a difference in the iridescent overprint. In The word (M)AIL situated just above the left-hand security slit, the letter 'A' is missing.

If your readers wish to be sure of having a copy of this 'variety' they still have a chance but they'll have to hurry as the booklet goes off sale at Tallents House on 2 July."

Picture above supplied by Ian Billings.

Here is a Royal Mail publicity picture of the booklet described in the last post "The booklet that never was."

Originally planned as the 3rd in the series 1 x Spitfire and 1 x Concorde and replaced by 2 x Concorde stamps.

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