Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Security Stamps 2009 Phosphor Errors

After Roberts revelation about the stamp from the NAFAS booklet with the missing Letter A. Dave Feeney wrote to me and provided a list of all the security stamps (known to him) issued during 2009 with phosphor errors.

He informed me that he has not actually seen these stamps, but got the information from a well known online specialist catalogue.

For your information here are the stamps (complete with catalogue prices) to look out for. I have used the Deegam Sin System to identify the errors. Many thanks go to Douglas Myall for continued permission to use his copyright sin system on site.

Sheet Printings De La Rue (no code) cylinder D1

2nd class CB (s1) cat @ £8.50
1st class 2B (s16) cat @ £14.00

2nd Large 2B (s17) cat @ £16.50
1st Large 2B (s16) cat @ £25.00

Business sheets Code B

1st class 2B (I2) cat @ £11.00


2nd code T (s2) cat @ £8.50
1st code C ex Design Classics number 2 (I1) cat @ £7.50
1st code C ex NAFAS booklet (s16) cat @ £7.50

Have you checked your 2009 stock yet? Good hunting, do not forget to check the other numerical sheet and later issues including the Prestige booklet pane. It will be interesting to see how many more (if any) phosphor errors are reported from the 2010 sheets and booklet printings .


Peer Sampé said...

"a well known online specialist catalogue" which one do you mean?

Ian - Norvic said...

Using "the Deegam Sin System" to identify the errors" is fine, but it tells most people very little.

The trouble with codes and catalogues numbers is that there are too many different ones for the same stamp.

If this means 'short band left' or 'inset right', then it much better for the widest audience to use either a meaningful phrase, or a short code and explanation.

1st class 2B (s16)

(And if the online source is one that I have been told about some of his dates would appear to be wrong!)

Ian - Norvic said...

Sorry, I pressed 'publish' in error and I ought to expand on my criticism.

Most stamps with phosphor bands can only exist with a small number of different phosphor errors.

Thus the 1st class with 2 bands cannot be Deegams' S1-S9. Unless it comes from a source where adjacent stamps have different phosphor configerations, then it cannot be S10-15 or 18-24, it can only be 16 or 17, 'Short Top' or 'Short Foot'.

Thus ST or SF would serve perfectly well for a 2 band (1st class) stamp and likewise for a Centre band (2nd class) stamp from all current sources.

Machin Man said...

Each to his own Ian, this SIN system has been tried and tested, so much so all major catalogues now use it.

Come up with something better and I will certainly publish it for you.