Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Stamp Collecting Round-Up

A few weeks back collectors had a debate on Royal Mails publication "the Philatelic Bulletin. It was of the general opinion that it is still a good publication although it is a bit lax (or late) informing readers of important changes to specialist British stamps. By specialist stamps they refer to Machins. I think they are referring to lack of information to the code changes on certain stamps and additions to the codes ie MAIO.

Larry I think got this correct when he wrote a reply on Norvic blog.

While I agree with Ian that the Philatelic Bureau has lost just about all of its philatelic, I think it is not reasonable to criticize the Bulletin for its lack of coverage of Machin Minutiae. By its nature, it has to be a somewhat general publication, and I think the most recent editor (John Holman, now retired) has been correct to leave that topic to Douglas Myall.

Collector interest in that subject and Myall's ability to cover it has been shown by Myall being repeatedly voted best author in the Bulletin. Collectors who want more details (and faster news coverage) should join the MBPC or the MCC...or read these blogs!

Well said Larry, Myall has done more than any other to put Machins on the collecting map, and is still going strong with his article for the Bulletin, not to mention Deegam reports and regular updates to his CD.

I was surprised to see he was not included in the Birthday Honours list :-) If anyone deserves a medal for services to Philately it is he.

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The Stamp Collecting Round-Up

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