Monday, 5 July 2010

Competition Results

We had 14 replies to the booklet question, and from these we had 12 correct entries. All of you with the correct answer, your names went into a hat and my wife picked out the winner.

I think most of you thought the question was to easy, to be honest it was not meant to be a brain teaser, just as a bit of fun, I will try to make the next one more difficult for you honest :-)

For those who did find it hard, the answer is "the pane is miscut", on the normal pane the 8p stamp & label should be on the left, the 1p stamps to the right (this is shown shown below)

The winner! Congratulations go to Brian Mason, well done Brian. Please send me the address where you would like to take delivery of the win. It is quite a nice item, with average perforations. I think it is catalogued somewhere in the region of £10.00.
Thanks to everyone who took time to enter (I will keep your names anonymous) you know who you are. I hope by not winning on this occasion it will not deter you from entering next time. I also hope that you have better luck in the future.

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