Saturday, 4 December 2010

Another Machin Forgery

I was intrigued to read a report in the August 2010 edition of Bookmark Journal (vol 40 - 01) of a new Machin forged booklet, 12 x 1st class gold.

The report implies that there are several factors that give this booklet away to the trained eye. Firstly the booklet cover, it mentions the card is quite thick and seemingly rigid, it measures 15mm x 56mm, which is slightly larger horizontally and shorter vertically than the genuine booklet it tries to imitate, which according to the author was issued in 2007 with PiP information on the cover.

The report continues with information describing details of the font used by the forgers, this in incorrect compared to the normal booklet. Noticeable on the bar code, phone number, printers imprint (Walsall) and the Royal Mail cruciform logo. Last but not least another factor gives this away as the notch indicating it is a 1st class booklet is of an irregular shape which is cut deeper.

The stamps are actually litho rather than gravure and the Queens Head is described as pale (almost white). The matrix is still intact on the pane and the kiss and die cut perforations are nothing like the real thing, these are sort of wavy lines more akin to crinkle cut. The stamps also appear off centre.

I have found details of used examples on the web which I will describe below and according to another source these forgeries (used stamps postmarked Sheffield) have also been listed on ebay at a ridiculous price, A used pair, possibly purposely manufactured by some enterprising seller no doubt.

I mentioned I have seen an example on the web this is shown by David Allwright
who displays some images of this forgery which I can produce here, these photographs are by kind permission of David and are copyright to Stamps n All.

On his website David writes "Just beginning to appear (early 2010) a new 1st class gold forgery Perfs same as the earlier PiP forgery, but now with 1st in bottom left corner."

This example shown is postally used but has no postmark.

If you wish to view more Machin Odities I have added Davids web page

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