Thursday, 16 December 2010

Image Of the M11L Code

Copied from the Norvic Philatelics Blog

"As promised, and thanks to Richard's skills with his scanner, we can now show the first 2011 Machin security code."
This new variety will be found on Machin definitives from the Thunderbirds mixed booklet, due for release in January 2011. The code shown above (M11L) will be found at top left. The code MCIL (custom booklets) at top right.

Happy sorting in the new year. Ian writes "Like all booklets of 6 these should see early and widespread use and should be found on mail and in kilo ware by the end of January.
Another new find
Ians latest report concerns a new Machin find, Security Machins with no overprint - source unknown.

Rather than rewrite his work I pass you over to his blog via this link.

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