Wednesday, 13 April 2011

More On The Unicorn Head Type 2

Further to my comment to Douglas, I do not actually own this type 2 pack, my scan was taken from another pack: (amended) Cathedrals which also has the 2 types of unicorn head.

However after doing some research I have only found one other pack (26) listed. This is the Scandinavian pack 26 , which was, quote "A special pack produced for sale during a visit to six cities in Denmark, Sweden and Norway by a mobile display unit between 15th April and 20th May 1971. The pack gives details of this tour and also lists the the stamps which were due to be issued in 1971, the text being in English. A separate insert gives translations in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. The pack was also available at the Philatelic Bureau, Edinburgh."

The Scandinavian Pack is catalogued at £30.00. Normal pack : £5.00

Sorry Douglas I am still no wiser to answer your question "Are there two types of English packs?" It certainly looks that way. Pehaps someone else could enlighten us further?


Douglas said...

The Scandinavian pack was issued on 15 April 1971, two months after the decimal UK pack. The Royal coat of arms is printed in white on a brown background, not in gold relief, and is quite different from the one on the UK packs issued in February that year. It is listed as DG NP6 on my CD. (The UK pack is DG NP4, plus NP4A with German card and NP4B with Japanese card.)

Machin Man said...

Douglas thanks for the information.

Looking at the images on the website Packs and cards. The images show, both the Japanese and German packs, plus the inserts.

Both of these show the coat of arms printed in Gold on the white background.

It is possible that the type 2 unicorn could be one of these. but I feel that there may still be two types of DG NP4 does this indicate we have(NP4C?)

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