Thursday, 7 April 2011

The New Value Self Adhesives

I have still not managed to get supplies of the new rate values or make up values, they are expected to arrive at my UK address sometime in the near future, and will be brought out to me in Spain early June.

I have however been trolling the web for information and have come across some interesting stuff.

The Presentation packs (pack 90) for instance have been issued with just the 4 new rates selling at £4.19 . Stamp face values £4.19. I know RM add a premium to packs so is this correct

Packs have also been issued by some offices with 9 stamps, these have a price tag of £5.10, the make up values only add up to 38p. So these should have a face value of £4.42 add the premium of 68p for the P Pack to this and I get a total of £5.10. Sorry to confuse everyone but what price should these packs be sold at?

The 5 make up values (38p) were also supplied by one Post Office on a stock card to be added to the pack. How much was the buyer charged for this stock card? A gigantic an error by Royal Mail.

I know its being picky but are they supplying guillotined stamps with these cards or stamps torn from the counter sheets? The stamps from both these packs are guillotined from either coils or sheets of 25. Has anyone determined the direction of print from these packs and compared it to the sheets? Are they the same?

If you have any comments or answers to these questions please get in touch.

Thanks Roy


Ian - Norvic said...

1. The correct price is £5.10 per the April bureau stock list, where it is shown wrongly as

No.87 Machin Definitives 2011 Presentation Pack 29.03.11 DP057 £5.10

2. A comment on my blog says that the low value stamps were provided in smaller guillotined format.

3. No charge was made for this as the full price was originally charged.

4. Where are they being sold for only £4.19? Somebody not using the horizon system!

Anonymous said...

A mistake here, The text should read that the pack mentioned actually cost £5.10, but the stamps it contained came to a total of £4.19.

A complaint was made and a card was issued with a further 5 values (make up). No charge was made by the office concerned which was in Coventry.

The staff were very apologetic and informed me that " it was a internal error from the suppliers"