Sunday, 1 May 2011

R for Roll or Royal Wedding?

A few reports have materialised that Royal Mail have sent a written invitation to many of their customers offering them the opportunity to purchase The Royal Wedding collection of stamps

If you have received one, I have been advised to inform you not to bin it, but inspect the stamp first. Reliable reports advise me that they (R.M) have used a 1st class gold Machin code MRIL from the coil of 10,000 on the envelope. These have arrived to the majority of those customers with a UK delivery address.

Although the cancellation is not what I would call the best (that of several wavy lines) it is a good opportunity to get a genuine copy for a used collection.

A have already seen one advertised for sale on eBay, no bids up to today and a starting price 46p with 99p postage.

If you wish to place an advance order for one (first come) our regular contributor Ian is offering to supply our readers with a copy on cover if you need one.

Anyone who lives overseas may also have had an invitation, but I have heard that it is very unfortunate for some as customers across the pond in the USA didn't get the R coded Machin on their invitations. It was the standard pre-printed postage label.

Something Extra

I can also send to anyone that wants one, a copy of the actual invitation sent to the rich and famous from Her Majesty, (sadly I could not attend :-) . These will be sent to you with your own name on, or your wifes if you wish.

No charge for these just send me an email with your requirements. Title your email invitation. My address is


Ian - Norvic said...

My offer of the MRIL Weding invitation cover may have been poorly worded. I am putting together readers and customers who want one and haven't had one, with those who didn't get one. I'm not offering to supply the world and his wife.

The Machin Study Group has misunderstood (or not read) this and I have had a number of enquiries from total strangers. I'll keep their emails but they will have to wait until I have dealt with regulars, some of whom have been away.

Machin Man said...

understandable Ian . Regulars must come first.