Friday, 22 July 2011

Snippets And Speculation

With a multitude of summer visitors I have been a little busy of late and have been unable to keep this blog up to date (sorry about that). August looks to be another busy month for me as it is the main holiday month for my family, and I have been told that several members of this massive family are due arrive over the month in a steady stream. Not that I am not looking forward to seeing them, but hopefully September will be a little quieter and I may be able to post here on a more regular basis.

Today I start with a picture of the cover for Prestige booklet Centenary of UK Aerial Post. Issue date is 9th September 2011. As far as I know no one else has shown an image of this cover as yet.

Rumours (again) that the Machin Definitive Centenary Mini sheet could be the last time we see a new issue of Gold 1st class before the "new" diamond jubilee definitive makes its entrance on February 6th 2012.

Not so!

On 25th October 2011 several (in fact 5) 'New' Self adhesive Retail Stamp Books will make an entrance . At this time no one knows what sort of code the stamps will have. After the revelation that The Machin Centenary Mini sheet will possibly have a new code its anyone's guess.


The new booklets will be listed as

6 x 1st-class gold retail Book (with FSC logo & 2012 special stamp programme): £2.76 (see image below)

The other booklets are described as

12 x 1st-class gold retail Book (with FSC logo): £5.52

12 x 2nd-class Retail Book (with FSC logo): £4.32

4 x 1st-class gold Large Retail Book (with FSC logo): £3.00

4 x 2nd-class large Retail Book (with FSC logo): £2.32

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Brian Sinnott said...

You want speculation? or fact?

How about

Source code will be 'M' = Minature Sheet

Warrant code will be AM11

And it will be printed in glourious Gravure so not quite so boring as the speculation (!)

And for those so inclined it will not be the only AM issue available at Stampex, but for that watch this space....

And you seen it here first rather than via a whisper..that was dismissed.. :-)