Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dont You Just Love Stampex

Why do we all look forward to Stampex? The next one AUTUMN will be held between 14th and 17th September 2011.

As well as the Arnold Machin centenary mini sheet £4.60 various other issues will come out during the event. It could again turn out to be another very expensive day for visitors who like to pick up all the GB goodies.

Other issues include - A Generic Sheet celebrating the 350th anniversary of the first Postmark £9.50 and special facsimile block of 4 Penny Red stamps in a special pack £5.95, both will be issued 15th on September 2011.

The fourth and last of the Post and Go 'Bird set' machine labels £2.76 will be issued on 16th September 2011 and will feature Seabirds. Oh not to forget the Olympic & Paralympic Games retail book 6 also to be issued on the 15th, ANOTHER £2.76.

Special issues are also in the pipe line with a set of Kings & Queens 5: House of Hanover. £4.64 A miniature sheet will accompany this at a cost of £2.90.



Ian - Norvic said...

It is quite likely that Stampex will see some different Post & Go machines - maybe a repeat of the Hytec P&G from Spring Stampex.

And the 40g Faststamps don't seem to have appeared yet despite assurances that they would appear in August and all machines be converted by Stampex.

"Post and Go V2 is due to commence roll-out at the beginning of September to reach at least the ‘Birds’ network by the First Day of Issue of Birds 4 on 16th September." - see

brian sinnott said...

Royal Mail have today indicated that following on from their trials of Hytech Postavision equipment at Spring Stampex 2011, they will issue a tribute to ‘Arnold Machin’ in the form of an overprinted set of Post & Go stamps at next weeks Autumn Stampex.

This overprint will be only available at Stampex, and will be applied on the existing ‘Machin’ Post & Go stock on one of two new Hytech Self-service Stamp Machines.

These new self-service machines will be situated on Royal Mails stand and will exclusively vend the new stamps, either singly or in the now familiar ‘strip of six’ format. Payment will only be possible via Credit or Debit card -the machines will not accept cash.

The machine numbers will be 91 and 92 (The ’9′ indicating September- self service machines No.1 and 2).