Thursday, 6 October 2011

Post And Go Errors

I have amended the text to this post, I apologise for any offence that I caused the seller. No offence to the seller was meant. I just wanted to report these errors tongue in cheek, no pun intended with the cheek word.

Manufacture your own errors and earn a nice tidy sum!

This story reminds me of the crafty little cockney Del Boy Trotter from Only Fools & Horses. Where there is a scam (If I can call it that) someone will find a way to exploit it.

It appears that several shrewd so and so,s visited Stampex and found a way to manufacture their own LEGAL unique errors on the Hytech machines. "A nice little earner Rodney".

The story goes that a new fad has emerged called "Yanking". As the strip of stamps was being printed in the machine the buyer gives a few sharp tugs on the strip which produces errors.

Several nice errors from the same strip of labels can found including normal, others can be completely blank, or in some cases some of the text is removed.

As well as strips of 6 some eBay sellers are also offering strips of 10. We now know that longer strips were available up to 99 labels in length. These were not manufactured as the Hytech postal vision Machines were operated via a debit or credit card to whatever amount the purchaser wanted.

On another note, will we now add this word "yanking" to the Machin dictionary?


Glenn Morgan said...

If in your penultimate para you are asking how strips of ten could be produced when a maximum of strips of six was the rule, then there is a simple answer.

The machine had (erroneously?) been programmed to allow long strips of up to 99 labels to be produced.

It had been rumoured that this would be changed during the show to labels six max in a strip, but this is understood not to have been implemented.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised when I bought 12 stamps from the arnold machin post and go machine at Stampex. Instead of 2 x6 strips it just gave me one long strip of 12.

Anonymous said...

I watched someone doing that but didn't know how until now.I was at Stampex on the Saturday and had to queue while one person ordered about 100x6 bird p&go sheets, i had my pair i then watched someone next get about 40 lots with the second stamp onwards with the font half way up the page.The next person had perfect ones. Sadly it seems their are some very greedy people about. I wonder what the story is with the p&go birds 2 p/packs?

Leslie Lim said...

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