Saturday, 26 November 2011

Coronation Plaster Cast

As it is the Queens Diamond Anniversary next year I thought this image of a plaster cast profile of Queen Elizabeth II may be appropriate to show on these pages.

It was created 60 years ago in 1952 designed by Mr N A Trent of Chelsea to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II Coronation.

Although it was not created by Arnold Machin, it is certainly in his style. Perhaps (if he viewed it) it could possibly be where Arnold got some of his inspiration. Nice Eh?

Another portrait of Her Majesty dressed in coronation robes will be issued next year (2 Feb 2012 ). It is that of the £1.10p value on a set of stamps depicting all the monarchs to date that make up the the House of Windsor.

Although I complain a lot about Royal Mail and some of the boring designs they have produced over the last decade. I must admit I like this set of stamps very much. Well done RM keep up the good work.

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Robert said...

I would say that the Annigoni portrait shows the Queen in the robes of the Order of the Garter rather than the Coronation robes but I agree that it is a successful set of stamps.