Tuesday, 8 November 2011

PHQ Cards

I hope you enjoy this post my second of the day. One theme of collecting which we have not covered on Machin Mania is that of PHQ cards. What are they and what do the initials PHQ stand for?

PHQ actually stands for Postal Headquarters and they are a quite a diverse subject so were to start?

All PHQ items are published by the Post Office and they are given a number which is prefixed by letters. The first card issued, was the 3p W.G Grace stamp from the set of stamps commemorating County Cricket, issued on 16 May 1973, this card was numbered PHQ 1.

These cards previously called Maxim Cards are still sold to the present day, the numbering sequence has continued, and the latest set to be issued is that of the A-Z of UK Landmarks.

I have to admit I have never been interested in this type of material, I find that the hobby is far to expensive as it is just collecting the bits and dabs that I now limit myself to. But then again saying this as a self confessed Machin Nutter, if it is Machin orientated I may just persuade myself to pick up the odd one here and there.

Most of these cards depict commemorative designs, but there are also quite a few that actually depict the Glorious Machin Head in one form or another. Get ready to be surprised.

Only four commemorative (or special issues) actually refer to the Machin or to the man Machin himself, one is shown above, but there are plenty of others that have been issued with images of the actual Machin definitive. In fact a grand total of 29 (as far as I know) to date. The first was issued in 1993 which was the experimental Machin self adhesive (horizontal) Flame 1st-class. The rest of the list is a long one but if you want to start a collection you can still pick them up at reasonable prices.

1993 1st class flame horizontal self adhesive
1995 £1
2000 Millennium 1st-class
2003 1st-class Gold machin
2003 Universal European 40 grams

Shown below are the 2008 National Definitives (a set of 24 values) 1p, 2p, 5p, 9p 10p,15p, 16p, 2nd class (blue), 1st class gold, 2nd class large, 48p, 50p, 1st class gold large, worldwide postcard, 56p, Europe 40 gr, 81p, £1 ruby, worldwide 40 gr, £1.50p, £2.00, £3.00 and £5,00 high values.

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