Thursday, 29 December 2011


Throughout the the new year I would like to show you a few images of old post card views, they are mainly of of Birmingham, my home town. The first is the old post office in the city centre.

Although this is not Machin related unless you count that I used to purchase a lot of of my Machins from the philatelic counter there many moons ago.

This was long before it became just a Post Shop selling all kinds of rubbish that Royal Mail call collectibles. I guess its called progress, but today if I asked for a cylinder block the clerk would look at me in amazement and wander what the hell I was talking about.

Hence to say when I am in the vicinity I no longer use the facilities. But this does not detract from the fact I have some great memories of the service I used to get and of the building itself which has not changed much in over a hundred years.


Douglas said...

I, too, have fond memories of this office dating back to the time when I lived in Solihull and worked at Five Ways in Birmingham. I bought many of my first Machins from there.

Pete Barnett said...

One of the best philatelic counters in the country. The staff were so knowledgable and helpful - no problem if you wanted to examine whole sheets or packs of booklets before you purchased.
There were two good stamp shops which sadly have floundered over the years. One (Margochis's) I think was in the Burlington Arcade, and another tucked away in Needless Alley off New Street.
Ah, happy days!!