Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Answers to Machin Quiz

I am afraid we did not have a brilliant turn out, but I guess eight contestants is better than seven:-) Well done to everyone and thank you for taking part. Here are the answers:


1. 16p & 50p ("British Design Classics" Machin pane)
2. Newton
3. 1987
4. Stamp Show 2000 Miniature Sheet

5. Breaking Barriers Prestige Booklet
6. 480
7. 1/- mixed value coil
8. Garmelow Manor, Eccleshall
9. Port Vale ( I will also accept Stoke City)
10. Wormwood Scrubs
11. 2009
12. On the back cover of 10p London 1980 books

13. Direction Of Print
14. Modern British Philatelic Circle
15. Jeffrey Matthews
16. 18 in total (4p and 20p values) + 16 Scottish Regionals.
17. 1970 (decimal high values)
18. 20p regional (Wales) 19. A in both cases. ROYBL MBIL
20. Douglas GA Myall

And we have a winner, congratulations go to Robert Bostock who had a total of 20 points. Robert please email me your postal Address and I will forward your prize to you.

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