Friday, 6 January 2012

Machins in the Kitchen

Roy has shown us Machins for the floor or the wall. Royal Mail also has Machins for the kitchen. Shown above are aprons and oven gloves, so you can be the best dressed chef in your neighborhood. The prices are a little more budget-friendly than the rugs. The aprons are £13 and the gloves are £10, plus the usual (excessive, especially for overseas customers) postage charges.

So if all your Machins are hidden away in albums, stockbooks or shoe boxes, here’s a way to bring some out into the daylight. --Larry


Anonymous said...

looking for Machin underpants, the colour brown prefered.

machinmaniac said...

My wife actually bought me the apron with the multiple different coloured machins. She muttered something about it being to encourage me to do more in the kitchen. But she hadn't really thought it through ...

"Those Machins really turn me on! Put it on!!! Well, now you're wearing the apron, you might as well do the washing up ... "