Thursday, 22 March 2012

Whats Going On

Replies: New finds, any changes to Diamond Jubilee stamps will be added to previous list.


The small format jubilee stamp from Walsall business sheets, code B, exists with
short bars at the top (Deegam S16) from their second printing on 16 January. I have received official confirmation that the £1.10 and £1.65 counter sheets were indeed printed with M12L at the same time as the 76p. The £1.10 were sent to many post offices in January and the £1.65 has been supplied to Tallents House.

It seems part of my report is incorrect, The Large Counter sheet stamps are printed by De La Rue.


I have not yet seen counter sheets of Diamond Jubilee 1st large stamps. Judging by an offer seen on Ebay, it would seem that were really printed by De La Rue as expected, and not by Walsall as you say. The Ebay offer shows a cylinder block with cylinder number D1 (De La Rue), not W1 (Walsall).

Brian Morris said...I have now seen the Walsall printing of the 1st class large Diamond Jubilee issue (BUSINESS SHEET) and can also confirm the security slit is TYPE 1 which is the first time Walsall has used this on any of their security stamps.

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