Monday, 2 April 2012

Readers Comments

Re: Comments about The Diamond Jubilee Miniature sheet. So many people (collectors) have expressed their delight with the subject material available on the sheet.
Adrian who writes a blog for Stamp Magazine says what most people think in one sentence.
"Easily the most stylish and smart and gracious and beautiful miniature sheet (and stamp design!) issued in a long time, worthy of its subject."
Charlie (Florida writes: "And some people might actually separate the stamps and use them on mail."
Well Charlie I do not have a picture of a used stamp from this sheet, but thanks to one eBay seller I can show you what a couple the individual stamps may look like if separated from the sheet.
I will just use one word to describe what I think of them: SMART!
Well done Royal Mail. You can see a blow up of the Coinage Machin here.


Brian Morris said...

The Diamond Jubilee miniature sheet has to be one of the best in terms of subject matter, design and printing that Royal Mail have produced for some time now. Well done Royal Mail.

Trelantis said...

It makes me think that the Machins now look a little tired. The images from the bank notes in particular are stunning! Perhaps some new definitive heads for the Jubilee and beyond wouldn't go amiss.

Anonymous said...

'It makes me think that the Machins now look a little tired'.
Heresy sacrilege, off with his head.

chris said...

Yeah ! What's a definitive nowadays, not only postage is inflationary.

Anonymous said...

Machins (icons)still have a long life ahead of them. Next year after the jubilee stamps have run their course, it could be that the 1st class (may) revert back from gold to the original red colour.

Add 2013 dates and back ground codes to these stamps and you have another mini series.


Deegam said...

What will happen in 2013 to replace the diamond blue stamp can only be a guess at this stage. The original colour of the 1st-class NVI was black but that is unlikely to be used again. Dark brown was last used for the 35p in 2004 but I have been told officially that it too is unlikely to be used ever again. Gold was for HM's golden anniversary and is also unlikely. Flame is a good candidate as it fits in with UPU regulations. What about just Red, last used for the 62p in 2002?

GBStamps said...

I see in the April issue of the British Philatelic Bulletin that Royal Mail is offering a the souvenir sheet in a nice black frame for a reasonable £14.95.

If only postage to the US was not an unconscionable £14 in addition.