Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Errors Come Fast And Furious

Although I am basically repeating my self, this is just to make things clearer for the less advantaged people who keep sending me e-mails  asking questions. I do not have a problem explaining, I just do not have time to answer all emails. Hopefully this will make things easier and my mutterings will be a little clearer for you.

If you have read the previous post you will see that more Jubilee Machins with phosphor errors are now coming on the scene. After just two days, we have reported three. Walsall and Cartor are well known for mis-registered phosphors so it is quite possible that we may have more in the future, please check your own stamps and keep your eyes peeled for anything that may be up for sale not listed on the previous page.

(Yes Dave) Douglas Myall will no doubt be adding these to his listings in the Deegam handbook.

To Recap

New issue: 

Prestige booklet, (Cartor) with a source code DIAM-P-ND on the mixed pane of 4 x Jubilee 1st class Machins +  4 x Jubilee Wildings (For David, this is the prestige pane I was referring to above). These panes have been seen with short bars top (Deegam S16) singles and se-tenant pairs are available on eBay. I have not seen a complete pane or booklet with the error listed at this time.

New Issue:

Mixed booklet of 2 x 1st class special issues + 4 x 1st class Machins. First reported by Ian Billings: with short bars bottom  (Deegam S17) Source Code DIAM-C-ND. Booklets and singles are available on eBay.

Although (James) you are correct this is not a new issue in the sense of the word, but it is quite recent.

I spotted this stamp for sale on eBay. From a Jubilee business sheet, the stamps and yes they are a  re-print by Walsall. Originally the business sheets were printed by De La Rue.

(For Clive) The code is FSC C023216. (For Jimmy Two Sox), the sheet is dated 11-05-2012. Source Code DIAM-B-ND short bands bottom Deegam (S17) + inset left (I1) here is the link for those of you who could not find it.

I hope this helps.....Roy


Brian Morris said...

Not really about the phosphor displacement but who actually printed this prestige stamp book and by what printing process.
The credits on the inside back cover states the book was printed by Walsall. However, the FSC number on the back cover belongs to Cartor. Now I know that Walsall own Cartor but it would be useful to know who printed the stamp panes.
I was lead to beleive that Walsall here in the UK print in gravure but Cartor in France only have litho presses. Some time ago I remember reading somewhere that prestige stamp books were going to be printed in lithography because this process is much cheaper that gravure and with shorter print runs on PSB it made it more economical.
Can anyone throw some light on this subject?

Anonymous said...

It's foolish not to believe that all these 'errors' are deliberate. If not then these so called professional printing organisations should be canned by the Royal Mail and real professional printers hired. I noted that two recent Post and Go issues were issued with font errors within days of each other, so what do we have here a company that has no quality control or company fueling the error market to make money.

Ian - Norvic said...

@ Anonymous

Writing about Post and Go font errors in the same context as poorly registered litho printings by Walsall is fatuous.

As you know, the text on the Faststamps is generated by the in-branch machines which are under the control of Post Office Ltd, not Royal Mail Stamps.

Andy said...

i like your post nice

Anonymous said...

Just got back, Okay so I left out Post Office Ltd, well with respect to the Post and Go machines they (the PO) are really having a laugh. What money making machines they are. No quality control anywhere, we're in the 21st century and they can't get software with a consistent font?, I wonder just how much money is made from these so called errors, too much for them to put things right I expect.