Sunday, 3 June 2012

Machin News Diamond Jubilee Edition

No posts for a while and now suddenly you are inundated with news. Included in this is a bumper newsletter for June 2012.

As it is The Diamond Jubilee holiday weekend, the Jubilee will no doubt take precedence over other events in most patriotic peoples lives.

We have a three day celebration taking place right here on our urbanisation here in Spain. It started last evening at 8pm, attended by about 150 people, and carried on until the early hours of this Morning.

This was just one of many events that are organised for the coming days. It started in the form of a BBQ complete with Red,White and Blue balloons and miles of Union Flag Bunting.

To be expected rivers of wine and beer were consumed. There is no need to go into detail but I can tell you that everyone who attended had a great time, as my sore head this morning reminds me!

During the celebrations my good friend Capt Les Fewster asked me if I had seen the Mosaics which were created and designed in Machin stamps for the Diamond Jubilee? Having consumed a quite a few beers I was a bit worse for wear at the time and presumed he was referring to The Pop Art Man who Larry mentioned recently.

Talking to Capt Les later this morning in a slightly more sober light it appears that Peter The Pop Art Man has a rival . On investigation, as this was news to me and all Machin news is good news, here is what I found out.

It seems that another artist in the name of John Dowell  has also created a number of mosaics out of used Machin stamps to celebrate HM Queens Diamond Jubilee. These are stamps in various denominations and colours. Close observers of the display at London's Plus One Gallery (where the display is housed) will be able to spot a single stamp in each mosaic pasted upside down - this is done deliberately as it is the artist's trademark.

First (above) is this massive effigy of "The Union Flag" (Union Jack), which measures 119cm x 242cm. This masterpiece took Dowell three years to complete. Just me being picky, is a pity he did not use Millennium Machins for the white bands it would have looked more spectacular.

Other pieces on display include what is described as an archery target entitled "In the Skies on the Beaches". I presume the reporter got this wrong, as the title suggests this is actually an RAF roundel .

And lastly which is my personal favourite, is a map where there are seas of Machins. This  is called "Britain Rules The Waves."

For the complete story visit the Daily Mirror website here.

It appears the that Machins image is very popular with artists. Another Machin effigy is shown below. It is the work by Dutch sculptor Diederick Kraaijeveld which went on display last Christmas also at the Plus One Gallery.

Ian Billings also has some new information on current Machins. Included in his reports is another Jubilee error in the form of a custom booklet with short bands bottom. Also a nice image of a missing M on a large business sheet . Click here to view.  Ian has several new posts refering to Machin related material so please scroll down to make sure you read them all.

looks like another late one tonight, last week Larry was looking for crackers, This week its me searching. - Oh my poor head ! - Now where did I put those asprin?


Anonymous said...

And a welcome inundation it is.

Lecanto, Florida

Ian - Norvic said...

"Click here to view. Ian has several new posts refering to Machin related material so please scroll down to make sure you read them all."

The link in that first line is confounded by the inclusion of the '.' at the end. or will find it though