Friday, 29 June 2012

New Issuue MA12 and MRIL printed by Enschede

Summer is a busy time of the year, I have relations over on holiday for 5 weeks at the moment so I am finding it difficult to sit down and play on the computer for any length of time. I have been checking my emails and searching the web now and again.

Thanks to Ian Rose I have some news of another new Machin. Ian informs me that this has been seen  on eBay. There is a picture of a strip but it does not show the codes so I have not reproduced it here..

"2nd self adhesive with MA12 and MRIL printed by Enschede. Presumably from roll of 10,000 though the eBay listing does not say so. Since they are mint and from a dealer, there should presumably be a plentiful supply. Sounds like someone has a complete roll somewhere."

At the moment they are being sold in strips of 5. I believe these strips have a number on the back of one stamp. It is  believed that a well known dealer has purchased £5000 pounds worth. Ian adds to his note that "Richard Parsons has told him that he had found this same stamp in kilo-ware a few days ago. " 

They are also being sold via another dealer, who wrongly states they were printed by De La Rue, no doubt this dealer has either shared the cost of the roll or has obtained his stock from the same original purchaser.

Ian finishes his message with  "Now all we need to know is whether they printed any 10000 rolls in 2011 -- oh, and if there is a 1st MA12 MRIL."

My last post bubble Packs generated some interest from Brian Morris who has replied to the post with some new information. Thanks Brian for your input. It it always good to hear from people who read the blog and can give another perspective to the posts.

Another reply came via email from Neil kennedy who sent me a couple of images of a bubble pack containing National trust stamps, although these are not Machins I am showing them as they are related to the earlier post and might make someone sit up and actually list them in a future catalogue.

Neil wrote

"  I was interested in the recent piece about sample bubble packs. The National Trust brought 2 bubble packs out on 11th April 1995 together with booklet DX 17 and a set of stamps SG 1868-72 on the same day. These 2 bubble packs (despite my trying to get the catalogue editor to list them) are not listed, as the editor told me the reason for not doing so is because they were not on general release at post offices."

The booklets of 2nd and 1st class are shown in the image.

Can anyone add to this post, if so, just leave a message in the reply to this post box or email me or Larry direct

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Brian Morris said...

With regards to the National Trust bubble packs. The ones shown here have actual stamps in but Royal Mail also produced the same two packs but with dummy stamps in. These are printed facsimiles of the stamps in blocks of four with a band across them stating that they are 'SAMPLE ONLY Stamps are available at the till'. These were issued on the 11th April 1995