Wednesday, 4 July 2012

More on the 10,000 roll of self adhesive 2nd class stamps. Alec Withell was the dealer who purchased the roll. He has sold some to other dealers who are sending out strips of 5, 10s and singles to their customers.

The coils are by Ensched√© as stated, there are some differences from the previous printings by De La Rue

Namely:  The backing paper is white (not yellow)
The numbers on the reverse are much smaller than the DLR version.

The MA12 & MRIL are both on the same swept text line above /behind the queens head.

Spot the other difference : All of the other 2012 stamps have appeared with the M12L code, this one is coded MA12.

Alec is selling the ten stamps in two strips of five, one so the number can be shown , the other strip is for collectors to show the actual stamps . Alec states that this has been the standard format (when selling) for all 10,000 coils stamps

Single stamps without the number on the reverse are also available.

Alec attached a couple of images which we have been given permission to use, acknowledgements to Alec and Larry who forwarded the email to me. I am not sure if Allec has a web site, if he has I will try find it to add a link to it with my next post.

Sorry if my ramblings are appearing a little later than normal, I have family and friends staying with me at the moment, and they are demanding a lot of my time. Plus the fact they all want to use the computer at certain times of the day to catch up with their email, face book and twitter accounts.

I also have another image of the (sample) National Trust Blister Packs to show you. I will try and get this posted over the next couple of days.


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