Friday, 24 August 2012

Last Day Of the ½d Machin


Recently I had an enquiry from Eddie Newitt

I have some postcards which have an old 4pence stamp and an old halfpenny stamp on them. They were hand franked at Halfpenny Green post office on the last day of the old halfpenny stamp. Do they have any collectable value?

To be perfectly honest I had no idea of the value, I did a Google search and found one on eBay selling at the buy it now price of £2.00, In the past someone had priced this up (SEE PIC) and sold it I presume for a pre decimal price of 2/-

The eBay lot  is described as:

"1969 Last day of halfpenny cover. The stamps are cancelled by a HALFPENNY GREEN special postmark dated 31.JULY 1969."

This just goes to show even in this day and age a little piece of postal history can be purchased for the price of an ice cream cornet, just a couple of quid!


Robert Bostock has sent me an image of a second cover which has 4 x ½d Wildings + 4 x ½d Machins definitives attached (also franked at halfpenny Green). Robert says: 

"Covers of this kind in various guises are far from rare. This one has both Wildings and Machins and even a (not so brilliant now) real ½d coin enclosed! "

Nice! Thanks Robert

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Anonymous said...

I think this refers to the last day of the halfpenny being leagal tender. ½d stamps could still be used for postage in multiples of 2 for a further 12 months.