Monday, 26 November 2012

Machin News November 2012

You may have noticed that this blog has been a little quiet of late, this is because I have been out of the country for 13 weeks on business and I have not had as many opportunities to access a computer.

I notice that during my absence Larry has kept the blog alive with a few posts and hopefully kept you entertained. As you can gather I am now back at my desk and will be until my next  holiday in February 2013.

Most of the news I am about to report on has been mentioned before on this and other blogs, so basically this will post will be an update on previous information with a little added news that has come to light over the last few weeks.

Firstly thanks to Douglas Myall I can confirm that next year there will be at least four Machin custom booklets to look forward to in the first half of the year.

(4 x 1st Machin + 2 x specials) London underground on 10 March; Classic TV on 26 March; Football heroes on 9 May and N. Ireland locomotives on 10 June. These Machins will no doubt have the 2013 code incorporated into the background and the letter C. The new colour for the first class stamps will be known as Royal Mail Red.

The latest news from Ian Billings is there will be  new 2nd class Machin Faststamp on the scene next year. This will will be available from Post & Go machines and will be printed blue, it will have a single phosphor bar.

They will be issued on the first day of Stampex 20 February.

Thanks Ian

1st class stamps in 2013,  2013 the year codes are M12L and MA12 (Large stamps). As new stock is introduced later in the year these will revert to M13L and MA13. Dates of printing known so far are 19/09/12 for the small 1st and 24/09/12 for the 1st class Large. 

The 1p - 20p make up values to be issued In January will be printed with an iridescent overprint. The cylinder numbers used are D2 / D1 for the phosphor and iridescent overprint. Printing dates seen are: 1p 17/09/12, 2p & 5p 12/09/12 , 10p & 20p 13/09/12. 50p and £1 stamps have D1 /D1 D1.  Printing dates for both values ( to date) are18/09/12.

The new 50p and £1 Machins will have cylinder numbers D1/D1 D1. Printing dates are 18/09/12 for both values.

There will also be a 10,000 coil version of the 1st class Royal Mail Red and 2nd class Blue . According to reports the 1st class will be available from 03/01/2013 to Royal Mail customers in strips of five.

How many of you ordered the Douglas Myall birthday cover? For those that did not I can show you (once again thanks to Ian) a  picture of what they look like. This is number one of ninety. By the way Douglas on behalf of all Mahinites world wide we wish you a very happy birthday and hope that you have a wonderful day.

Until  next time Its goodbye from me.   Roy 

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