Wednesday, 12 December 2012

2013 Presentation Pack


With only two weeks to go most normal peoples eyes are on Christmas, but not us Machin Mad Men. I am not saying we are not thinking about the festive period, but its for certain most of our thoughts are also on January and the spate of new issues that are about to be heaped upon us.

One way of obtaining counter sheet singles is to purchase the definitive presentation pack. Available in the new year, this pack contains one of each value. These are being offered as a pre order already on eBay.

These I believe have no source code but do have a year code which is M12L for the small Machins and MA12 on the large stamps.

Machin definitives from the previous presentation pack were printed and cut from rolls as were certain other values offered in presentation packs in the past. If they are printed in rolls will they have a different direction of print to the counter sheet stamps?

As an after thought I have blown up this picture below and checked the contents, it looks as though the stamps do not show the serrated edges that you would find on counter sheets.

Most of the other new singles that will be available can also be pre ordered via eBay, all were printed in 2012, so still no 2013 codes at this time.

These are listed as
"B Code" from Business sheet Year code M12L

"S Code" from Booklet stamp Year code M12L

"T Code" from Booklet stamp Year code M12L

"C Code" from the first customised booklet M12L. For those of you that are interested Ian Billings has recently posted images of this booklet on his blog.

Added to the list

"B Code" Large from Business sheet Year code MA12

"F Code" Large from Booklet stamp Year code MA12

A Merry Christmas &  Happy / Prosperous New year to all enjoy your holiday.

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