Thursday, 3 January 2013


I know that over the festive season I may be guilty of over indulging on the drink front and I thought I had possibly consumed one to many when I seen and read this account on the Machin Forum.

The  report involves a book of stamps from the era of 1983. The owner (Dave) gives gives his own description as follows.

 "Special Offer 15p off £1.45 booklet with an ink drawing on the front and back cover of Lyme Regis, Dorset - First of a series on Britain's Countryside. The Booklet has been incorrectly trimmed and perforated"

Dave was interested to know if it contained any value to Machin collectors. The actual booklet described above was issued 10th August 1983 and is listed as FS2B (right hand margin) in Stanley Gibbons catalogues. They are also known as DB8(23A) in the MBPC nomenclature.

At first everyone assumed that this was another mis cut booklet, but when we finally got a glimpse of this error we found out it was hardly just a MIS -CUT but something which is thought to be known as a MIS-SEVERED booklet and pane.

Many thanks to Dave and the Machin Forum for showing this, It just goes to show that even after 30 years something new can arrive on the Machin scene.

On a final note, Dave is willing to part with this rarity if the right offer is forthcoming. You can see and read the complete thread and also contact Dave the owner via this link

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