Wednesday, 21 August 2013

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I was searching the web for a picture of the butterflies custom booklet and came upon a blog called Stamp Crazy

I was pleased not only to find a pic of the booklet I was looking for but also a reference to the fact that the author also collects and writes about our favorite Machin stamps in the form of a mini diary. It looks as though we have another budding Machin Maniac in the wings. Whoever the owner is, your site has some interesting reading and
 you will be pleased to know I am adding your site to our series of Machin links. Keep up the good work.

The Butterflies booklet was issued on 11 July 2013, The booklet contains 4 1st Class stamps in the new 'Royal Mail Red' with M13L date code and MCIL source code. 

Last week I posted a picture of a cover showing the next custom booklet which will be issued in September, I can now show you a mock up image of the booklet, which I I also found on my virtual travels. You will notice the four Machins are of a deeper shade of red than the previous booklet.I have also learned that a prestige booklet depicting the Merchant Navy will be issued on the same day (19th September 2013). I do not know at this time if a se-tenant pane of Machin definitives will be included in the booklet, but will let you know as soon as I find out. Below is a mock up of whist the cover will look like.


GBStamps said...

The August issue of the British Philatelic Bulletin notes that the Merchant Navy booklet will include a pane of four 5p and four 50p Machins in a nice, symmetrical layout.

Royal Mail seems to have gotten over the idea of tossing in random regional stamps with the Machins.

If we are going to have these unnecessary Machin panes, at least they should look nice!


Anonymous said...

I see that it has been stated that this book is printed in Lithography by Cartor on the Stamp Crazy blog site. I thought it was printed in gravure by Walsall. Where did the information come from on that blog site?

Anonymous said...

Arnold Machin's masterpieces are such a great work of art, that is very had not to become another 'maniac.'

Deegam said...

I believe it is printed in gravure by Enschede. According to images posted on the internet, the perforation ellipses are at the top. Inverted perforation?