Saturday, 7 September 2013

Missing Ellipse

As my last post described a variation in the position of the ellipses on the next Prestige Booklet. I thought I would carry my ramblings with something on the same lines but with a difference.

This stamp (left) is described by the seller as A GB error from the Machin series. It is a first class stamp of the self adhesive variety and has missing perforations to the left of the stamp. It also is completely miss - perforated as the right side of the stamp looks to be well of off centre.

Presumably this error has come from the left side of a booklet. Recently spotted for sale on eBay at £20.00 each , the seller does not indicate which booklet they came from.

I would love to know more about the history of these errors. Can anyone help?

Next depending on how you rate these pages I have either some good news or bad news for you.

Unfortunately I have to take another break from my normal easy going life here in Spain (again). My wife has been informed that she needs to return to the UK for a minor operation and as she need to have someone with her I have been ordered to accompany her. We have booked flights (one way) for the 10th September and hope to return within three weeks. If it is any longer than this I apologise to you all in advance.



Anonymous said...

A 2nd class perf shift was sold back in June (item 161052102105)

nnnnnn said...

Roy.. all the best Michael