Sunday, 29 June 2014

New Web Site for GB Booklets

A friend and neighbor of mine (here in the San Francisco Bay Area of California) has recently created a web site about GB booklets. It only covers pre-decimal booklets, but since that includes the early Machin booklets, I mention it here.

Of special interest to us is his page on the first prestige booklet, Stamps for Cooks (affectionately known as the "cookbook.") He outlines the history of the booklet and shows an early mockup produced by Stuart Rose (the first Design Director of the British Post Office), a pane from a proof booklet constructed from counter sheets, a pane of dummy stamps, and a promotional poster.

The site's home page is at (link). The introduction is here. The Machin page is here. The Stamps for Cooks page is here.


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michaelatcddstamps said...

Thanks for sharing this Larry. Wow that is one impressive site. Will be back to read more when I have more time. I particularly like the GV material shown and well written up.

Thanks.. Michael