Thursday, 31 July 2014

Mixed Millennium Booklets

First let me apologise for not posting in recent weeks, unfortunately I do not seem to find the time for the internet or stamps these days. I will not go into details as it concerns my private life .

As I have a few minutes to my self today I have spoiled myself with a gander on the net, searching for some booklets which I wanted to price up. These are mixed booklets of Millennium Machins and Special issues originally issued in the year 2000.

My was I in for a shock. The first one HBA3 (above) none cylinder is now selling in the region of £7.00.

The second HBA4 (below) again none cylinder is selling at £8.00. Cylinder varieties of both booklets are selling in the region of  £10. Not a bad price for stock only 14 years old.

  • perhaps they are worth holding on to for another 14 years ?


Robert said...

But then again, £7 or £8 is not much more than current face value.

Anonymous said...

Prices start below face at £4.25 on Ebay plus 50p postage.

Brian Morris said...

I agree with Robert. The face value of these books is £6.20 so not much of an increase.