Friday, 5 September 2014

Security Inscriptions

As I have not been blogging of late other sites have had to keep us up with news and information. May I take this opportunity to thank you all (you know who you are).

It is through your reporting that it is now wildly known that Royal Mail has issued new versions of existing retail books and business sheets with a revised telephone number and several more new stamps have now become available with the M14L code. I will not go into detail of the new stamps as the information is now widely available to all. There are also several new sheet stamps with the 2014 security code. If I get the chance I will list these for you at a later date.
Some other news:  According to an recent edition of Stamp Magazine the year 2015 will see some proposed new changes to Self-adhesive stamps. These are reported to be re printed with a security inscription on the entire backing paper. This is another attempt to deter postal forgers. 

A question has arrose regarding these, will they be new Machin stamps? 

As far as I can fathom out without any more information, the backing paper is not part of the actual single stamp yet the new year 2015 code will be of interest to collectors who accumulate singles, so yes they will be new issues, but I still unsure about what difference the backing paper will make to collecting singles or pairs. I guess I will leave this one up to the experts

The report goes on to say that the change will include special issue stamps as well as defnitives in counter sheets, booklets, business sheets and coils. So collectors of these will have acquire all of the complete new products to keep up to date. These I trust will come under visible changes and will no doubt be new issues.

Have I got that right?


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