Monday, 27 October 2014

Plant a Stamp, Get a Bloom

This has nothing to do with Machins, but I just have to mention it. On May 6 this year, Jersey issued two World War I remembrance stamps that picture poppies and also have embedded poppy seeds.

From Jersey Post: "This 46p stamp contains real poppy seeds, sealed behind a thin, transparent, biodegradable plastic cover. The stamp can be planted and will gradually decompose as the seeds start to grow, producing the striking red flowers which are so strongly associated with remembrance."

There is also a similar 56p stamp with seeds, and a "seed packet" containing the two stamps for £1.50.

Gimmick stamps are very common these days, but this issue has two unusual features: first, you must destroy the stamps to take advantage of the gimmick, and second, after suitable delay, you will have something even nicer to look at than the original stamps. Poppies are perennials, so this is a gimmick that can keep on giving. Perhaps we should call it a "forever" stamp?


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