Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Who the f**k is Alice?

Those of us that have heard of Chubby Brown the controversial smutty British comedian we might well ask Who the f**k is Alice? It seems that the Royal Mail have not heard of her either.

Recently they delivered to the media the new stamp program for 2015 and completely ignored the first issue of the year (January) Alice in Wonderland. We reported on this issue on the 10th November when we showed you a pre publicity picture of the 6 x 1st class booklet pane.

By the way I was wrong to suggest that the Machin stamps may not show the 2015 code. It seems these are being sold already prematurely on eBay. So this will be the first new Machin to appear in the new year.

I am sure looking at last years bundle of new Machins we will have many more to look forward to over the coming twelve months. Or will we?

According to some reports it was thought that HM the Queen may abdicate in 2015 allowing Charles to take over his Kingly duties. Others suggest that she has no intention of doing anything of the kind.

It seems (from those in the know) that after next year Elizabeth will gain a new title as the longest British reining monarch in modern times. So do not fret, long live the Machin and happy new year to all.


Ian - Norvic said...

Look out for a major press release next week, probably on Monday 5th. By the time most people know about the stamps it will be too late for them to order first day covers.

Unfortunately to keep up this timetable of news, Royal Mail may start selling FDCs beyond the issue date.

Anonymous said...

The only value to an FDCs is as an example of a particular issue to assist in later identification of individual stamps. For a long time there has been but a tenuous connection between the date on the FDC and the actual calendar date it was applied. In some instances (Certain countries) the agency of record is cancelling a cover with the FDC obliteration months after the day of supposed issue. So this news from RM should be no surprise at all.
Charlie, Lecanto, Florida

Ian - Norvic said...

As it turns out, the press release was timed to hit the Sunday papers after the stamps were issued. The theory was that collectors would know already (and get their FDCs) and readers of the Sunday papers would buy presentation packs.

Too late for FDCs if you don't follow the philatelic media in all its forms. If that is how RM intends to continue publicising new issues to the general public, maybe post-issue availability of FDCs isn't such a bad thing?