Wednesday, 1 April 2015



I currently have a couple of commemorative covers for sale on eBay which are quite unique.  I thought it may be a good idea to advertise them to our readers on this blog as we are all Machin enthusiasts and someone may be interested in them.

The first is a a cover that was produced to mark the visit to the association of Friends of the National Postal Museum by the Great Britain Decimal Stamp Book Study Circle

It carries an insert and compliments slip with all the information of the cover and the actual visit. 

The 1 penny black anniversary stamp on the cover has 2 phosphor bars /PVAI  gum and is perforated 13/1/2 x 14, it  is unique to a stamp book pane which comes from the Prestige stamp book DB5(24) entitled Special By Design, issued on 15th February 2000.

The second cover was produced by the Modern British Philatelic Circle on 1st January 2006
It also has an insert with all the information of the inauguration of the amalgamation of the two study circles GBDSBSC AND THE BDSSC.

The 1/2d stamp with the Wilding design was first issued in August 1953 . This cover carries one from a vertical W coil with multiple crown watermark (Harrison's) issued in 1958. 

The first class definitive used on the cover is a self adhesive taken from a business sheet of 100 issued in 2005 printed by Walsall.

Both of these items are in my opinion priced to sell and will be sent postage and packing free. Even if you do not wish to bid, I hope you find them interesting.   


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