Friday, 8 May 2015

The Great War 2nd Prestige Booklet

A few weeks ago we mentioned that a new prestige booklet  will be issued on 14th May. This will be the second booklet in the series depicting The Great War and will cost £13.96.

The main news was that it will contain a Machin pane mixed with two poppy stamps. I suggested that there will be three new Machins to collect from this pane. I also stated that the stamps on the pane will be 2 x 1p, 2 x 5p and a value of £1.33p.

In actual fact there are 2 x £1.33 Machin stamps on the pane (sorry for the confusion)

The background codes will be as reported M15L/MPIL these are now on view showing the codes via Ian Billings blog.

Ian also informs us in a later blog post that thare are also several new Machins that have been issued in 2015, he now lists a total 31 new 2015 issues to date, all have MA15 or M15L codes unless stated.

Thanks Ian for the information.


machinmaniac said...

I'm hoping this gets moderated before being published, as I don't really want to stir things up too much. This is more on the lines of wondering what you can get away with saying on your blog.

Whilst we are on the subject of prestige books ...

There is another prestige book for the battle of Waterloo due on 18th June. That's no secret as it has been announced on the May Bulletin. I expect you should therefore be allowed to mention it.

As far as I can tell the Machin pane has not yet been announced, and so I expect that you are not yet allowed to illustrate it.

But an FDC has been on display on the BFDC site for more than a week now. So, whilst you can't illustrate the pane and whilst BFDC might not like you including a picture of their FDC on your site, maybe you could put up a link to a page that has been in the public domain for more than a week and shows what an FDC might look like ...

Not that that would be giving anything away about the pane, of course.

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure what you are saying.

these panes are on sale NOW

machinmaniac said...

Obviously anonymous did not follow the link.

I am talking about the next (Battle of Waterloo) prestige book NOT the current Great War book.

Follow the link ... all will be revealed ...