Friday, 7 August 2015

What Will the Future Bring?

No, not September 9. The presumably somewhat distant future.

My friend David asks, "What medium is likely to be used to create the profile for definitive stamps when Prince Charles ascends the throne? Photograph? Sculpture? Line-drawing? Illustration? Cartoon? Computer -generated art? Wood or linoleum blockprint? Collage?"

Will there be definitive stamps by then?

What do you think? Make your guess in the comments.



Anonymous said...

If Liz continues her reign and lives to the ripe old age of her beloved mother Charlie may never have chance to wear the golden hat.

Anonymous said...

As soon as HM the Queen passes away, my interest in Philately ends.

I have collected GB from 1967, but have no intention whatsoever of collecting anything that does not have the Machin Head or silhouette of the Queen in some form on it.

Anonymous said...

>> As soon as HM the Queen passes away, my interest in Philately ends.

I fully agree - its become such an expensive hobby. Gone are the days in late 60's / 70's when we used to swap stamps. Nowadays, thanks to the RM specialist support (most notably none) - it's all ebay and dealers making more than 200% profit.

Yeah, my rant is not about HM quitting or passing away, but thats the stopping point for me! And I suspect many others.

glyjo said...

Somewhere people all ready have this in hand (stamp life after Machin) and I am certain a number of differing essays have already are been considered. Will it be Charles III or George VII time will only tell. As a GB collector I will certainly continue if I'm still here.

Anonymous said...

A new monarch could well be an opportunity for marginal collectors to pick up the hobby again - its a brilliant opportunity to start a new collection from scratch. Look what happened with post and go, because collectors were given a chance to embark on something new...