Monday, 7 September 2015

Waiting for Wednesday

On Wednesday, September 9, Apple will introduce new iPhones ... oh, wait ... that's not what you are interested in.

On Wednesday, September 9, Royal Mail will introduce a new Machin (and a souvenir sheet) to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning monarch of the U.K. New stamps are much more relevant to our readers.

Of course, there's little comparison between Royal Mail and Apple, and while there's lots of interest in the latest iToys, general interest in postage stamps has declined over the decades. Somehow I cannot imagine a furor today like the one that occurred when the Edward VIII definitives were issued in 1936, though if a vocal group were to be greatly offended by a stamp issue, I suppose there could be a mini-tempest even today.

Still, the monarchy is very important to many, if not most, Britons, and this is a significant event in its long history. I expect that Royal Mail will get the publicity it is seeking from its announcement on Wednesday, even if it is not a surprise to stamp collectors.

Besides, the new iGadgets will not be on sale Wednesday, so there's no reason for those of you in the U.K. not to go to the post office and get some of these shiny new Machins.


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